The Return of the Light

At this time of year, especially this year for obvious reasons, the dark days can seem darker than usual. As an antidote to this and suddenly irrelevant notions of colour co-ordinated tree decoration, our Christmas tree this year is a riot of every colour, every bauble we own including odd Play-do creations our children made at nursery; tinsel, the gaudier the better and anything else relevant to our family. This year everything is included.

The village Christmas tree in its new set of simple white lights is a calm contrast shining in the darkness. It sits in our front garden, as it always has – a welcome sight to children on their way to school and people going about their daily life in the dark mornings and evenings.


Now that its the time of the Solstice I’m waiting for the tide to turn and the almost imperceptible, but definite, lightening of the air each subsequent morning.

snow-archaeology-2Wishing everyone a happy Christmas and very best wishes for 2017.

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