The Line Between

Looking through my drawings, sketchbooks and painting studies from Iceland and having put some objectivity and creative distance between then and now, it was noticeable that a linear theme was emerging. Well, wouldn’t you expect lines from a drawing?



This was a different kind of line though – the one between the mountain and the sea, the snow line, the sea and the shore, water and the air above it, sometimes bright and sometimes very, very dark, sometimes obscured by lines of mist.

The edges of the real world have a poetic vocabulary which suits the otherworldliness of trying to describe something so ephemeral and which on close inspection isn’t quite so defined as it appears. Words like liminal, meniscus, periphery, marginal.

imageSnowmelt 2

Do the work. This phrase has become like a personal mantra and this initial direct response to the environment is essential for me allowing more ‘heart’ and connection to enter the picture. This approach allows ideas to develop in an organic way and there is a sense of rightness to this which seems apt when dealing with the natural world.

Taking a concept as a starting point and then exploring it seems too coldly clinical in comparison and somehow back to front. The important issue though is finding out what works for you personally, drawing your own boundary lines and resisting too much influence from passing fashions and transient trends unless you and they really connect.

( all works shown on this blog are copyright)



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