Tectonic Times

Given the recent referendum result voted for by parts of the U.K. and the ensuing anxiety of the population at large which includes participants from both sides, it struck me that there are similarities with the aftermath of earthquakes and other landscape upheavals.

I connect with the landscape and its changes as part of my work. Can any solace be found by looking at the after effects of the earth ripping itself apart? Obviously time plays a healing part and like the body’s skin, new magma fills the gaps of the wound if it’s that kind of earthquake. If not, huge gaps remain dividing communities and families.

This metaphor is at the forefront of my thoughts having recently spent 5 weeks in the north of Iceland being surrounded by these potential forces.

Maybe it’s too soon for reassurances and we have to confront the set of changes were living in. Anyone familiar with history though might feel a growing sense of disquiet.

I’d be interested to hear what you think.


Image Landslip (watercolour)

2 thoughts on “Tectonic Times

  1. Silvana! That is so beautifully put! I could never have found those words to describe the result of the referendum. You are wonderful!! I love you and wished so much we lived nearer each other. Xxxx

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  2. Thanks Meg, it does feel a bit like being on the edge of a cliff not helped by the creators of this mess seemingly having disappeared off the face of the earth. Where are they?
    I wish we lived nearer to each other too.


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