Spring Flurry Studio 80

This weekend will be the first public showing of the work generated during the Residency in Siglufjordur.

Open Studios at Spring Fling are quite a momentous time anyway and this year more than most as the need to complete work was concentrated by the time scale available since my return from Iceland in April.

I thought it would be interesting to show the studio in full work mode and also in a semi-cleared state. Ask any artist – no studio is ever big enough and in its working state no one else would be able to enter! Every surface is piled with work in various levels of completion and tools are everywhere to hand.


Hanging almost completed and lots of cluttered corners exposed and cleared. ( yes this goes on right up to the last minute)


The floor tells its own story and is a history of different series of paintings.



Hope you can come and see what I’ve been doing.

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