Learning Mountain


Usually I’d say my interests lie in the more watery elements of visual arts and it has come as a surprise to feel my attention focussing on the mountains as opposed to the fjord itself. As the imagination baulks at trying to comprehend the tonnage and mass involved I concentrate on their icy whiteness instead! This calls for a new visual vocabulary so I have been Learning Mountain by drawing them at all times of the day and in different weather conditions.

Who knows where this will lead…and in a nutshell that is why residencies are important. They offer the time and space to explore different directions with different materials – to dig a bit deeper or in a different place.

At the moment I’ve been using plain watercolour which I’ve not used for years and that too is a learning process. Here are some pages from my mini-sketchbook, the one I take out to play.



Essentially my colour palette is similar- just lots more white.


4 thoughts on “Learning Mountain

  1. The last two storms were definitely enough to be going on with. Spring seems to have sprung since then with temperatures of 8-10 degrees and one report of 17 degrees but it didn’t really feel warm to that extent and I don’t believe for a moment that winter is over. Thanks for your comments on the drawings.

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  2. Silvana, what beautiful ethereal washes. You’ve made something very much ‘there’ in the landscape look almost ‘not there’ if that makes any sense?


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