The residency building offers artists a spacious and uncluttered studio space which is so different from my studio at home. However after unpacking, although still spacious, it has become a bit more like every other artists studio I’ve been in. Work is becoming more fluent, quite literally, as I grapple with watercolour experiments with no paper seeming quite big enough to tackle the environment around me.


The afternoon light is particularly good to work in with snow light reflecting indoors from the massive mountain ranges outside. There is a school across the road and these lucky children live with this sublime backdrop everyday.


During a visit to the Herring Museum we were shown the herring girls living areas complete with fancy dresses for weekend socialising. Hanging up too were pairs of drying stockings like any student flat but a few yards away some dried fish were also hanging and the similarity was striking. You would want to take great care if you fancied a midnight snack……





2 thoughts on “Snowlight

  1. I’m really loving your blog. Fantastic photos of the area. I looked the town up on Google maps to see where you are, and it looks an amazing area. What a great studio space, too. How many are on the residency? It’s such a great opportunity – wonderful. I’m so looking forward to seeing the work you produce.

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  2. It’s good to hear you’re enjoying the blog. It’s as far north as I could comfortably go and the town is a busy place with fish processing continuing yet. There’s only one person on the residency at a time although you can bring a family member/partner. Al came up for a few days during his visit to Iceland.

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