First Steps

Arriving for a residency is like the first day at school. Everything is new and has to be learned, absorbed and sifted. The two bus journeys north take 8 hours door to door through some of the most awesome (in the true sense) mountainous landscapes I’ve ever seen. Sculpted thickly with snow, some tops were shining in the sunlight and some on the passes were obscured with current falls.


At the gas station ( I haven’t become American- it’s what people call them) we were kindly picked up by Kristjan and after a helpful tour of the town driven to the residency house. It’s a welcoming and benign place and we slept for 9 hours that night. Siglufjordur has experienced a LOT of snow since before Christmas as the photo from the studio window shows but everyone just deals with it, the roads stay open with a lot of hard work and life is lived.


Next day we set off to test out our stamina and winter wear and to see the town in daylight, explore a bit. The colours of the fjord water and snow change from moment to moment reflecting what is happening in the sky and this will be a challenge to record. This photo is from a walk to the end of the town where the road leaves to lead around the headland.




4 thoughts on “First Steps

  1. It all sounds amazing! Interesting how countries that have so much snow DO just get on with it and keep roads open! Great photos too. Look forward to the next ones. Keep warm x

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  2. It looks majestic and bleak all at the same time. What a stunning environment to work in. Hope you keep warm and get creative once you get settled. Good luck with the next few weeks!

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  3. Brrr! Cold. Not my thing…..whatever turns you on, as they say, Silvana….looks really beautiful though….and know you will create more beauty from this amazing place.
    enjoy! X

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