Snowlines – Icelines

Leaving Scotland on Sunday brought new views of the landscape over Argyll highlighted by the snow topped hills versus the dun colour of the winter grass. This region seems uninhabited to the eye with houses congregating near the shore instead. Sea roads were the preferred choice of transport then and the absence of ‘real’roads is very obvious. There is so much history contained within a landscape….image

The second image shown is the view approaching landing in Iceland showing a similar colour palette but alternatively showing a thick glazing of ice. Interestingly there are many roads cut through this lava landscape leading to coastal settlements although only one is shown here. The quantity of backbreaking hard work involved in making these tracks is almost unimaginable whatever country you are in.image


3 thoughts on “Snowlines – Icelines

  1. I remember seeing Greenland on a flight to America many years ago and it was just a mass of fine crisscrossing lines. I don’t know if they were tracks or fissures in the snow. Look forward to seeing more pictures!


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